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Friday, September 16, 2011

I love instagram. Like a lot. If you have an iPhone and you don't have instagram... get it. Follow me my screen name is abussard7. Ok any way here is the past few weeks of my life via instagram. 

sweet nephew love

P and I love hard boiled eggs for breakfast

I made this onesie for Preston for his baby shower and now it fits!

model babe.

cooler weather means fall is coming and there for my iced caramel macchiatos have reverted to hot ones!

P got some Toms and skinny jeans. We are slowly building her fall wardrobe. It's great.

I attempted to clean and organize Ps play area

That lasted all of about nap time.

More fall wardrobe. Im only obsessed with this one

Brunch with the family and the Griffins

Grandma B gave her this piggy bank and it's pmuch her BFF

She came over to me and said 'mom im gonna read dis book.' ok.

chalk art

looking for squirrels to feed

more fall wardrobe

her hair is getting long and it's super curly. Cant wait till it grows even longer

Going to the park with daddy

Play dates with Pam and her little man :) baby besties

Eating breakfast on the pot

grandpa Preston

Also other great instagrm things you can do

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