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Friday, September 16, 2011

We tried potty training a few months ago and it didn't work out so well for us. P understood the concept but she didn't really care. She has never cared about having dirty diapers and her Dr said that would be a big indicator of when she was ready, if she started caring. Well she still doesn't care. She runs and hides when she sees us pull out a clean diaper. She could and would run around all day with crap in her pants if we let her. But she is VERY smart (mom opinion may be slightly biased) no really shes smart. SO we started to get serious yesterday. And she peed 5 while times on the potty! Self pat on the back/mom brag.  Today its been a little bit harder. She spent a lot of time on the potty and she was very patient but she has only actually gone in the pot once today. I'm ok with that. She isn't putting up some huge fight to sit down, she is understanding what's happening, she gets positive reinforcement when she goes and knows we are proud of her and it's a work in progress that is VERY new. So for going 6 times in two day (so far) I'm a pretty proud and happy momma. 

This morning we started with a bagel and a long sit on the pot. It's going to be a long next few months but I have faith that she will impress me, She always does. 

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Shannon said...

good luck. if it's one thing i'm dreading about being a parent, it's potty training.

i'm routing for you!

The Peanut Gallery said...

thank you! so far its not that bad. Iv heard girls are much easier than boys. Truthfully im kinda dreading her being fully potty trained. No more long car trips with out 523409238 stops, no more trips to the mall w out having to take her to the bathroom 15 times. It seems like a lot more effort.

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