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Friday, September 16, 2011

This post is mostly for muh far away family that doenst get all Preston all the time, like me. It's ok to be jealous. This is especially for you Aunt Connie! Don't say I never listen to you! 

Preston is:

Really really freaking adorable

One of the happiest babies I have ever met

So animated

Really freaking adorable

The worlds messiest pooper. He especially loves to poop in public places so mommy has to clean up his blow outs in the middle of the floor.

Working on rolling from back to belly and is SUPER close. He has already mastered the belly to back roll.

Holding his head up no problemo. He sits up in her bumbo chair like a champ.

Preston Loves:


His puppy

His Aunt Ashley


The Boba

His elephant


His mommy and daddy


His jumper 

His Exersaucer 

Not taking naps

Note sleeping through the night

His tooties!

He is pretty much the cutest little man I know and I can't wait for you all to meet him! 

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