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Monday, September 26, 2011

First off I'v gained some new followers the past few days which makes me really happy and I just wanted to say Hi and thank you guys for stopping by! I can't wait to find a few min. to check out all your blogs!

Next thing, I have a quick question ~ you may notice I changed a few things on my side bar like my picture and stuff. I can see them and they fit my screen perfectly (I have a mac book pro) but Im wondering if you all can see them or if they are cut off. My parents have a Windows desktop and I checked on theirs and if I change the view to 'actual size' It fits but initially it's cut off. That's no bueno. So just let me know if it is at all cut off so I can work on that!

Annnd next thing~ Still accepting sponsors for October! If you are interested email me! Abussard7@gmail.com

It's the last day to enter the giveaway for Shelby Black Vintage! go check it out and enter!

I think there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot.. hmmm guess i'll come back if i remember

I'm kinda sick/feel like a whole lotta crap right now so I'm going to snuggle on my couch and take advantage of P's nap time. Happy Monday!

it's been doom and gloomy here so we have been fort building. P was watching Nemo and got her Pappy to come in with her!

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Alaythea said...

It's cut off for me and I have a Mac Book.....so I dunno!

bethxlove said...

Man, I wanna make a fort! Xxx

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