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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I kinda want to move my blog over to typepad. I think id have more creative range and be able to spruce it up a bit. Im worried about losing followers but I guess those who wouldn't follow me over don't really follow me right? I'm about to start a free trial so I guess i'll play around and see if we are compatible.
This post hit home hard yesterday. I really feel like Jess and I are  kindred spirits or twins separated at birth. I told her so and now she thinks im creepy... But seriously though. Iv been feeling so like 'im not doing enough lately raaarwwwrrrrr mom failure/fiance failure/ daughter failure/ personal failure self pitty and loathing blah!' I graduated in fashion design and havent done a gosh darn thing with it. It's hard to get all creative and crap when Im trying not to neglect muh bebe all day. I can't afford day care right now so Im kinda just all 'what to do now?' I haven't found an answer. But I did read this post  and thought 'suck it up Ashley and do something!' So I got out my sketch book and started to draw. I started to sketch up a draft for my wedding invites (you can see it if you follow my twitter / instagram located on le side bar) I felt good. I love drawing and creating. It's muh happy place.
I just feel so put of place. Like im just looking for somewhere to fit in. Im an awkward puzzle piece and I can't find my custom little nook. For sure not a corner piece... that's so obvious. Baby steps Ashley, baby steps.

Anyway I will keep you posted on my decision for typepad and if I should chose to move i hope you will follow!

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Alaythea said...

I have a really hard time pulling up blogs that are in Wordpress or Typepad. I'm not saying you shouldn't move but I follow two different blogs on both of those and most of the time when I try to pull up their post I get a thing telling me the server is too busy and this happens all the time. Drives me nuts! Lol!

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