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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'v been so unmotivated and unproductive this past week. I look like something the cat drug in... but like actually. My sister asked me if I went out last night and when I told her no she laughed and said did you sleep? THANKS! Moral of the story. I look good.

I think it's a mixture of several things one being the weather. My mom told me we had one day in September that it didn't rain. and two is probably the babies. I'm still watching little Reese and my nephew so when I have the 3 of them my motivation to go out and concur the world is non existent. This is my last week with Reese and while I will still have Preston 2-3 days a week it's only for a few hours. Also Nikki is going to take Peyton once a week for a little bit so that I can start working on muh crafty stuff. I'm pretty excited bout it. I think next week I will start the plan to a newer better me. This week I'm just not feeling it and it's ok to be rutty sometimes. As long as I have no plan or desire to stay here, which trust me I don't.

Right now Im blogging from Peytons fort while she naps. I probably look like iv escaped from the loony bin from an onlookers perspective.

my current location

so yep. Other then that not too much going on around these parts. Happy hump day peeps!

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Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

Ah! I'm going to go make a fort now :-)


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