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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I made an apt to go to Nordstrom to try on wedding dresses. I know I already have one but I only got to go try on dresses once when I unsuspectingly bought my dress. I made this appointment because I saw a big poofy mess of a tulle dress I adored and for fun wanted to try on. I also wanted to try on some short rehearsal dinner dresses. We got there andddddd the dress was sold yesterday. Awesome. 

Then about half way through my appointment we get a phone call from my dad 'Peyton busted her lip, there is blood everywhere, she may need stitches, you might want to come home.' Of course. So we packed it up, rescheduled the appointment for Thursday and went to see my poor baby girl. She's fine. No stitches needed just a little swollen and she has a tiny cut on that thing that connects the lip tot he gum at the top of the mouth. She was dancing and fell landing right on the corner of the coffee table.

Then the power went out so I didn;t get to write my book club post AGAN. Grr Arrg. Yesterday was just one of those kinda days.

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Alaythea said...

Oh ouchy! Poor P!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

aww, that is the worst when they hit that! when we were livin at my in laws, our bed was right next to a window and D was jumping on the bed looking out the window and hit it. Glad she's ok!!
hope today is a better day for you!!

Love, Chelsea said...

Oh no, poor Peyton! She even looks beautiful with a busted lip!

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