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Friday, October 21, 2011

If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you probably already know yesterday I was working on a little DIY. If not, well then you should. Also yesterday I was working on a little DIY. Ok now are we all caught up? Great, lets get down to business. Im working on a guest post for a fellow blogger (ill tell you more about that soon) but for the post I needed some colored tights. I could have run out and bought some but I thought it would be fun to try and dye them myself and so I did. DIYs are all about trial and error right? So I tried and I had a little error but I also had some success so here is what I came up with:

what you need:

food coloring

Pour water into a pot. From reading around I used 4 cups for one pair of tights.

add 1 T vinegar for every cup of water you use. In this case 4 T

while you are prepairing the water and letting it heat let the tights soak

Add food coloring to the water. I followed the white icing instructions



add the tights

***make sure that you are constantly stirring and evening out the tights in the water!!***

so here is where the trial and error kicks in. For some weird reason these pair of tights didnt take the green die. As you can see from the picture it soaked up all the pink and left the green in the water... weird right? Unfortunately these were tights laying around the house so I dont know what material they were to tell you to avoid but most sights advise using nylon.

What I did to salvage them:

Cleaned the water and started the process over this time using the raspberry. They took the color much better but were already a little bit splochy from the original dye so they didnt come out to great. Perhaps dying them again might even the color out.

Once the water in the pot is pretty much clear your tights are ready. Let them cool then run cold water over them and wash with a bit of soap

this was the first pair of tights I dyed turquoise. I do NO advise using sheer pantyhose but they were the only white I could find. This I would file under failure. 

then I tried it again with another pair of tights from home. Again I dont know what material they are but I can say that the thicker more solid the tight the better.
Up really close they look a little uneven in color but they actually came out really evenly

Here are the pink ones you can see how splotchy they are

I took some picture wearing them but the lighting was really bad so Ill try to get some better shots this weekend. 

If any of you try this let me know id love to hear how it turned out and see your results. Also any advice on methods are always welcome! 

Happy dying! 

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Cubette said...

cool! i saw this on pinterest! maybe i'll try it... thanks!

MJ said...

that is genius!! think i might have to try it out, thanks for the idea!!

Love, Chelsea said...

Fun! Is it weird that the name "silken mist" creeps me out?

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