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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tonight we went birthday shopping for a friend with Momma G. We were in Vineyard Vines and the check out counter is shaped like the front of a boat. There were some fishing rods and one had a net filled with big pink foam whales (pink whales are there logo) P kept asking for one. "I want dat whale mommy.' And I kept telling her that 'no honey those are decorations for the store not toys for you.' And she would say 'Mommy those toys? I want dat whale!' This same conversation went on for a good 15-20 min. 

The sales girls were listening in. Eventually when we were checking out one of them asked if Peyton would like one of the foam whales. Obviously her answer was yes. And just like that, Peyton is now the proud owner of one over sized pink foam whale hat.

Im raising a spoiled kid....

... and Im pretty ok with it.

Why shouldn't my daughter strive to always get what she wants? Is that really a bad thing? Is it bad to be spoiled? Should I be telling her that she cant have everything? Doesn't that put a road block in her head like she shouldn't ask because she knows she wont be able to have it? Shouldn't I be telling her to shoot for the stars, that the world is her oyster, that she can be and do anythings she sets her heart and mind to? Im not saying I need to feed her with a silver spoon, but if she is persistent and demanding and people give into her because of that then I just say, kudos to you kid. Good for you for working the system with your adorable looks and irresistible personality. Use what you got and you will get far.

*** ok so maybe brat is the best word. Yes, she can be a brat and what 2 year old isn't (if you say yours than you are lying) And believe me she hears 'no' a lot and tantrums don't get her anything. Im mostly just talking about other people giving her what she wants. 80% of the time she asks nicely and trust me when I say Peyton is one of the sweetest most loving little babies you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Is she spoiled? Most definitely, but for now I will drop the brat part ( most days)***

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

hahaha....i am laughing at you so hard because i know what's in store with you and peyton in just a couple years.


Alaythea said...

I think it's great to teach your kids to strive for what they want and to work hard for it. But teaching them to being a whiney spoiled brat to get what they want is only setting them up for heart ache later on down the road. I hope Gianna works hard for what she'd like to have but it's also just part of life that you don't always get what you want. She has to learn the balance. I would be embarrassed for someone to tell me they think my child is spoiled - usually when I say that about someone I don't mean it nicely.

The Peanut Gallery said...

D- Peyton is me so I pretty much know whats in store for the next 23 years. I think i turned out pretty well.

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