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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh haayyy elephant in the room? It's ok we can talk about it... I got a new banner whhaatt!? Do you love it? I do! I loved my old one too but I just sometimes need a change so I asked my favorite banner maker and awesome blogger friend Jess to give me a face lift and she delivered! Do you need a new banner? button? how about an invitation, business card or anything else photoshop related? Jess is your girl. She is awesome to work with and she is so talented!

In other news:

* I FOUND MY CAMERA! woot woot! Now I can't find my adaptor bahahah but it's somewhere around here. As soon as I find it ill upload the lost pictures. Thank you St Anthony!

* Christmas is right around the corner and what is a more awesome gift than a personalized custom portrait for your family or friends? And did you know that conveniently I make them for you right here? It's true I do. So check out my info page and send me an email so I can get started on yours today!

* Have you checked out my November sponsors yet? You really should. I will tell you much more about them later on throughout the month!

* Iv got a few blog posts up my sleeve so be on the look out. Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend I know we are!

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Gretchen said...

Love the new blog look - so pretty!

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