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Monday, November 21, 2011

Today was kinda gloomy but still pretty warm for November so P and I decided to take advantage and do something crafty dealing with the outdoors. We have had lots of sneaky squirrels running around and eating our pumpkins so we thought maybe if we made a squirrel feeder it would distract them. It was quick and easy and P had fun so here is how we did it!

I had an empty puffs container laying around so that's what we used. I didn't research if the squirrels may try to eat the plastic or not so sorry in advance for any PITA/squirrel lovers out there this may end badly

next I used a cork screw to poke some holes into the top of the lid (2 holes)

Then we used a meat tenderizer to smash up some nuts. We had cashews laying around but obviously any nut will do

We always have so much bread and often one or two pieces get left behind so this is a great way to waste not. Crumble up a few pieces of old bread. It works best if you have an extremely adorable helper.

Then we threw in some trail mix for extra yumms... agin didn't do my research so Im not sure if squirrels are like dogs and can't eat chocolate but I guess Ill find out soon enough.
We also threw all of the mix on a sheet of tin foil

Then have your adorable little helper smear peanut butter all over the container

Roll the container through the mixture and then pick up some of it and smooch it on the spots that are empty.

Next string some yarn though the holes in the lid. You may want to hot glue the lid to the container to prevent it from coming off when the squirrels attack.

lastly find the perfect branch to hang your feeder from. We picked one that we can see from our window so we can easily see if its being used with out scaring the squirrels. 

And there you have it! Super easy and easily done with things around the house! Happy squirrel feeding!

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Anonymous said...

Such a great idea i printed out this for my dad :D he loves birdfeeders

Haley said...

How do the squirrels get to the feeder?

The Peanut Gallery said...

Halez they are agile little suckers they jut jump right on

Jackie said...

Did they like it? we have some cute little guys that are crazy for our bird feeders so I would love to find them something of their own :)

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