5 SOSAS 11.26.2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Haiii linking up with Mandy for Steppin out Saturday (and Sunday) 


Shirt~ IDK its my moms
Leggings~ Nordstrom
Boots~ Steve Madden
Scarf~ Serendipity
Bangle~ Azura
Amber Bracelet~ Halelaid
Leather Bracelet~ Flourish 
Cup~ Starbucks

Yesterday we hit up dance class (in which there was none oops) and then P and I went thrifting in DC with some of my besties. I will post some pictures of that later. After thrifting we came home and sat on the couch for a bazillion hours and watched Harry Potter. dream.come.true. There were laughs, and tears. Lots and lots of tears. It was a pretty grand day.

Also? My new hair obsession is the top knot and I will probably wear it like this for the next forever. Get over it.


Shirt~ Thrifted
Pants~ Nordstrom
Boots~ Steve Madden
Belt~ Azura
Earrings~ Stella and Dot
Purse~ Found it cleaning out a closet in Ps room today

Today I was kinda in a bum mood for the most part. I blame it on womanly happenings. If you catch my drift. Ok Ill stop. But something good did happen... Guys I got a job. It's just a serving job at a new restaurant owned by my sisters really good friends. I so so so don't want to work (ok who REALLY wants to work) but Im thankful for the job and the chance to bring some much needed money in. I'm also super nervous. Iv never served before. Whatevs. This may mean some absence from the blog. I know Im just as bummed as you are but I will try my best to keep up because I really do love this thing! Ill only be working 4 shifts a week so I'll still have time to have some sort of life.

Well I guess that's the latest update on my life. How was your weekend? Any life changing events?

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i really love that second outfit!

ok. so i was a server for 7 years, in a bunch of different types of restaurants. but the people are always the same, no matter where you work. you can be as friendly and nice as possible, but there are going to be some people that you JUST CAN'T MAKE HAPPY. some people are just unhappy people for absolutely no reason. just remember that, and try not to let them bum you out.

I'm Lisa said...

I love your second outfit and your your top knot is perfection.

rach_t said...

love your blog, glad to have found you from harpers hap's, now your newest follower:)
I love the blue shirt outfit, and i really like the top knot so you carry on!

Lori said...

love that bright scarf and your boots! so chic :)


Jess and Tom Roberts said...

the top knot is perfect with your bangs - looks fab!! wish icould pull it off!!

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