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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I know November is over but I thought it had 31 days. I so did the 30 days have September rhyme like 90 times and still thought it had 31 days. I graduated college it's fine.  So happy December people! But before we move along, flip the calendar page, etc I would LOVE for you to take one last look to my side bar at my amazing sponsors. I know I say this every month but I really do love and support these blogs, shops, women, etc. I'm so happy to have them here on my blog and Im also happy be represented on their spots on the web. Ok so here we go a little summary of each one along with some must visit links.

RebeccaCASINGHINO, finds inspiration and creative energy in Scandinavian design and color theory found in nature. She feels soothed by organic colors and textures. All of these understandings can be seen in her creations. Engineering jewelry as her model for art, Rebecca uses Fair Trade gems and fosters other artists’ adventures by incorporating hand made components. This allows Rebecca to find balance in life and model mindfulness. Creations from RebeccaCASINGHINODesigns reflect all that is possible.

** Fun fact: Rebecca is my cousin and I absolutely adore everything she does. She has such talent and her jewelry is so well crafted. Go check her out like NOW.

pacific northwest born and raised; photographing my way through the day till bed time, doing my best to raise three little ladies with teenager tendencies. all the while, studying to be a doula and navigating this new life as wife to my damn hot husband.
who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

I am a 23 year old adventurer born and raised in the islands of Hawaii.  
In February of 2011 I decided to break up with my longtime boyfriend, have my beloved cats adopted, sell all of my stuff, abandon my apartment, drop my modeling jobs, kiss friends and family goodbye, and buy a one way ticket to a random town in the middle of France where I would know no one and speak none of the native but-oh-so-lovely tongue, French.
I Fight for the Phoque follows my day to day struggle on the hunt for language comprehension, employment, new friends, good sex, good food, and with a little luck, a bit of wisdom here and there about life, love, and growing up. 

IROCKSOWHAT is a blog about a girl who rocks.

My name is Katie but my friends Call Me Kate!  I'm a Mid-West girl, Wife to an awesome husband, Mom to 2 rad kids,  a purveyor of kitchen disasters & coffee shop dweller.  I'm a lover of language, music, & handmade-anything. I'm sarcastic to sentimental on the daily.
My blog started off as a place to post my work as a professional photographer but as I've become more of a SAHM and VERY part-time wedding photographer, my blog has become more of a personal photo-journal and chronicle of the every day things that inspire me.  On my blog you can read about anything from mushy-letters I write to my children, mixed-media art projects I'm working on, view current weddings I've shot or read about photography tips and everything in between. I'd love to see you there!

I'm a wife and mom in my mid-twenties. I'm quirky and my little family rocks. I love my husband and two boys, music, reading, crafting, cooking, and colin meloy. the end.

Mama to my sweet girl, Jemma, and wife to my superhusband and Jemma's superdad, Dominic. I share about our days over at That Mama Gretchen sprinkled with memos about our attachment parenting experience, thrifty finds, crafty projects, and our goal of becoming more green. Stop by for a visit, we'd love to have you! You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and my favorite, PINTEREST!

I am Dita and I'm Indonesian, 23 years old. I love music, drawing, art, theatrical performance, and above all that I love love crafting. I live in Bogor, a small city (around one and half hour driving from Jakarta). I write and cook.  I love to share with you. You can contact me for trade, shop review, and random postcard swap! Just send me e-mail for further information.

I moved to New York City in 2003 to attend NYU and instantly fell in love with my new home. Seven years later, I still pinch myself as I walk through the city to make sure I am not dreaming. The energy, people, and sights are unlike anywhere else. I feel very lucky to be a New Yorker!

a ballerina, magician's assistant, black belt, and former model finds true love. A sweet little baby falls from the stars. A tale of gypsies, dinosaurs, and high seas adventure. A chronicle of everything we love, everything we do, everywhere we go, and all the days we felt alive. 

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