1 Christmas Recap!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Holy busy life! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas or whatever it is that you celebrate! We spent the 21-24 in Delaware like we do every year. 

The 21st is Mikey's birthday (insert big important blog post dedicated to a wonderful father/fiance here) 

His sister watched Peyton for us and we got to go out and have some beers and hang out with his friends. I think he had a good night

Th rest of the week we just did some last min. shopping and hung out with family and friends. 
Then we do a big family Christmas eve with his family and then drive home that night. 

Mikey wasn't feeling well at all so I stayed up till 230 putting together Peytons train table. The things I do for this kid!

We woke up around 830 on Christmas (Peyton slept till 9!) And started on P's presents while we waited for my sister and her hubby and my nephew to get here. Around 11 we were all finally together and we opened all out gifts. Peyton made out BIG TIME. I didnt realize just how much I got her until we had actually started the opening process. And she loves her train table x 1203921039. 
It was a really great Christmas one of my favorite so far. P sort of understood what was going on and that Santa was here and I loved seeing the excitement in her face! I can't wait till next year!

Tonight my Aunt and Uncle and family are coming over for our annual white elephant gift exchange party. I love drawing Christmas out as long as possible Im not ready to let go! 


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