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Monday, December 19, 2011

Peyton was born to talk. Ever since she learned to babble she hasn't kept her mouth shut. She used to run her mouth non stop even before she knew how to form words and I'm pretty positive she thought she was saying something. She had such purpose. She knew well over 100 words by the time she was 18 months and now every day she surprises me with just how much she knows and remembers. I'm sure most of you have had the pleasure of reading Gage Says over on Deanna's blog and I couldn't wait until P started saying things that made me drop my jaw or laugh so hard it made my belly hurt. It's well past that time. I'v been meaning to write those things down here on le blog so that I will always remember them but I always forget. So here I am to write a few of the latest things that have come out of her mouth. Not all of them are G rated.

Eating fake pizza on the floor with her teddy and her wooden dog wearing a snow suit that is too small for her.
Dis is the best pizza ever! 
Dis is the best party ever!

I had just gotten out of the shower and P walked in the bathroom
I like your boobies mom

Swinging high at the park
MOM Im just like Tinkerbell!!! I have arms, legs, and pixy dust!

Mom are you listening to me or are you not listening to me?

We were sitting on the stairs and she kept bringing me DVDs over asking to watch them and then she would say not that one! and go get another one. Then she picked out Pink Panther the real people version and said:
What the hell is this mom?

The other day she only took a 2 hour nap (it's usually 3-4) and I went upstairs and she popped her head out from behind the door
me: What are you doing?
P: I had a GREAT nap mommy
me: Oh you did?
P: Yeah it was really great! I'm awake now!
I was showing her a stethoscope the other day she I said it's what Dr's use.
Oh yeah. Im Dr. Peyton. And you're Dr. Mom.

me: P are you hungry?
Peyton: No. Im freaking tired
me: Peyton don't say that word. And it's not nap time yet. Are you hungry?
Peyton: I'm freaking tired. And I'm freaking hungry. 

At least I try to monitor my mouth right?

Eating Blueberry yogurt
This is spicy mom.

There is something in my eye. I think it's a boogie

We were sitting on the couch watching tv and out of no where so nonchalantly P said
dad you're a bitch. 
Mikey almost choked on his food and said 'what did you say?!"
I said youre a bitch

oy vey.

P: Mom where is the moon?
M: right there. It has a big chunk taken out of it
P: Oh yeah. I think a whale ate it. It's must be really full

walking on this board
Im doing the tight rope mom! Just like the circus! 

We were leaving and we walked past my cat
me: say bye Maggie
P: Bye Maggie!!!
Me: see ya later!
P: See ya yater! 
Me: See ya later alligator!
P: Noooo it's just a cat! 

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure there is more to come. She is such a ham. Also Mikey and I try to watch our language around her but things slip and this kid catches everything. I think Iv just accepted the fact that Im going to be the mom getting notes from her teacher about how she called a kid in her class a bitch

oh well 

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Alaythea said...

Gianna has only said "bitch" one time and she got it after we went to visit my hubby's brother and they cuss ALOT. I was so shocked and upset that I think I completely freaked her out and she's never said it again. I only keep Food Network or NickJr on TV when she's around so she doesn't hear anything on TV. And the worst we say is crap. Haha! I'm afraid she's going to learn bad words from the other 4 year olds in her class, how sad is that?!

Sparks In Spring said...

teeheee Peyton catches everything! She's a smart little kiddo! :P

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

dude. peyton's got a sailor's mouth. :)

The Peanut Gallery said...

Deanna~ I didn't even post the worst of them because I don't want people to get all judgy on me! I feel like her and Gage would have some pretty great conversations

Alaythea~ yep. that's going to be Peyton. the bad influence! It probably dont help that when she does say those things we have to hide our uncontrollable laughter.

Jessica said...

gee, she's got quite the vocabulary XD

Karen said...

Ha ha, I know! They reach a certain age and you have to watch EVERYthing you say. Even the words we say INSTEAD of curse words... they still sound bad coming out of a toddlers mouth ;D ...geesh.

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