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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy day before Friday! I have the major exhaustions going on right now but I wanted to share some links i've been loving on hard lately. I hope they add a little sunshine to your day (or night because I started writing this post at 8am and it is now 7 pm...)

My friend Kristen brought this fella to my attention a while back and I haven't visited his network in quite sometime but recently we were talking about him and so I went to check him out and he is just as great as ever. This episode is an all time favorite.

I literally died looking at this house tour. I am now laying dead on the floor. It's why I haven't been blogging much. Because of the being dead.

Elsie and Emma always have the best gift ideas. I think I'll be making a few of these this year. i already have most of the supplies.

I have always wanted to try this and now I know how. It's on my to do list if I can ever get to it! Jess makes the best how to's.

I want need this sweater. Anyone?

Actually my whole Harry Potter page on Pinterest makes me smile

This momma just had baby #2!

And this momma just announced #2!

I love love Chelsey's Christmas card

Have you seen this video yet? If not you HAVE TO! Its Shit Girls Say and it's freaking hillarious! It's been on the news and pmuch all over the place

We always stay in our PJs on Christmas but if I did have a party to attend Id want this dress , or this one 

I love Katie's Holiday hair. I actually just love her hair in general

Mandy's santa link up has some great pictures and harper is ridiculously adorable as usual.

Have fun link surfing!

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