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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zohmuhgawd HAI!
Remember that time when I was all 'I got a job and it might take away from my blogging a bit.' then I was like 'But I hope it doesn't and Ill try to keep up.' and then it was all like taking away from my blogging and stuff. Yeah.

So pmuch I'm a server at a new restaurant which means that it isn't even open yet which means that we have a lot a lot of preparation to do so that when it does open its not a huge clusterfuck of food flying in the air and landing on random tables and me pressing random buttons on the computer and forgetting to charge people and you get it. So anywho we have been training these past two weeks and that is where I have been. Tonight they are having a sort of job well done congrats on your new place party and we the servers are going to be doing server like things. Im a bit nervous but I think I will survive.

Enough about all that jazz. In my spare time, in the event that I have any, I have been crafting out the wazoo for P's big girl room. It's really coming together and I'm loving it but it still has a ways to go so here are just a few more peeks for you to get an idea of what has been going on. If you follow my twitter/instagram then you probs already know. If you don't, what are you thinking? Im really disappointed in you.

PS if you are wondering where those ridonkulously adorbs owls came from wonder no further. Pinterest is an amazing thing my friends.

Ridonkulously Adorbs Owls 

PPS Mikey and I found that little chair at a local thrifty store for $10 and I redid it all myself with out even seeking the internets advice. Im kinda really proud of it. I know it's not rocket science but stop raining on my parade.

PPPS that picture wall is muh baby. Iv been working hard painting frames and finding prints and making art work and I love how it's come together.

PPPPS Im done. Off to craft some more!

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Jessica said...

haha, the hearts down the door are awesome. she's going to love it!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

we just moved and i have YET to decorate D's room - i think you have finally given me some motivation to do so!

melissa rohr said...

oh man! so making those owls now! i was thinking it would look cute if they were strung on some fishing line!
but...what the heck is hill and high valley fold? lol

Morlee said...

I was actually going to ask where you found those amazing little owls! :)

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