3 Engagement Pictures: Check!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mikey and I have been talking baout getting our engagement pictures done for freaking ever. We have been engaged a little over a year and each time we plan to do them something comes up. Or we arent financially in the right place. Blah blah blah. Well we finally set a date with our photographer, and one of my friends from high school, Lucy, to do them yesterday. If you remember this post we had plans to take them apple picking in September/ October. But like I said things didnt work out so we missed out on the appleness seasons and had to work with what we had in the dead of winter.

Here is a little blurb about how yesterday went:

Do you remember this dress? The second I set eyes on it in the Free People store I fell madly and deeply in love. She was like the Ryan Gosling of pretty dresses and she spoke to me. It went something like 'Hey girl, I think id look really good on you and you should wear me during your engagement shoot.' Done. I knew from that moment that I had to have it. So my honey buns bought it for me and then I was all giddy and eeeepppping and what not. This was the dress I was wearing for our engagement pictres, if we ever got them done.

Fast forward 3ish months later

We woke up bright and early yesterday to shower and get beautiful and all that jazz.

my hair 

I dropped my dress off at the dry cleaners Friday and it was going to be ready Saturday by 5. I had to work Saturday night though so Mikey said he would pick it up for me in the morning.
Are you guys getting a feeling something bad is about to happen? If you are then you are so right.
Mikey walked through the front door and said to me 'is there anything else you can wear?' extreme panic ensued

'no why?'

'because they are closed for the day'

annnnnnd que the water works.

I was DEVISTATED. I mean I dont even think that word does it justice. That was my dress the dress. It talked to me people! And now I had nothing to wear and we were supposed to meet Lucy in an hour. I couldnt cancel, we had already switched dates so much and Mikey and I have a busy few upcoming weekends so who really knew when we would be able to do them again. I texted Lucy to see if we could push it back to 12 and we rushed to the mall.

I thought the stores opened at 10, but no it's 11 on Sundays. Of course.
We got Starbucks and then rushed up to Free People as soon as they opened their doors. I told the girls working my drama and they were the sweetest most helpful people ever. I tried on a few dresses all of which were cute but none that talked to me. Then I tried a light pink dress on with a lace back. It was really pretty, I felt good in it. I was running out of time so this was going to have to be the one. We bought it and raced next door to VS to grab some sticky boobs and I went to the dressing room and changed and we were on our way.

the replacement dress

We pulled up to the venue where we were planning on taking the pictures and Lucy walked over. She thought the website said 12 but they didnt open till 2. Of course. So we walked around Georgetown and found another little park to take some pictures for a few hours. When 2 oclock came we headed back to Dumbarton Oaks and finished the shoot taking some pictures there. It was really pretty, even in winter. And Peyton had a blast. She was a very good sport the whole time.

Insert deep sigh of relief.

It was a long and crazy day. The fates were set on us not taking these pictures but we persued. Im so excited to see how they turned out and as soon as I get them I will share them with you!

And a HUGE thank you to Lucy for putting up with us!

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Jess Judkins said...

The replacement dress is really pretty! I bet the pictures turned out beautiful :-)

Do you know if anyone else can snap a few shots for you all w the org dress? Maybe even an after wedding "hey we are married" photo shoot :-)


Not to be rude buttttttt, I really really like the replacement dress. I thinks it super pretty. Can't wait to see these pictures!

Anonymous said...

I agree the replacement dress is too cute! Cant wait to see the pictures

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