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Saturday, January 28, 2012

This guy kills me

But on a serious note...

The other day my mom called me from work to ask if I had heard from my brother and if he was alright. I said yeah. That he was at work and that he seemed fine to me.
She said she got the strangest call from my grandmother. That she had asked if Jeremy was ok and asked if he came home last night, but didn't give any more information or say why she was asking. 

Later that day we found out the following information
Someone called my grandmother, a 90 year old woman, and pretended to be my brother. They knew his name as well as her information. This guy claimed that he was in jail and that he had been in an accident. He told her that the car he hit was a family on their way to the airport and they were flying to Peru. 
He told her that if she wired $5,000 to Peru that he would be off the hook and they would drop the charges.
So she did. 


To Peru.

Was it the smartest decision?


Should it have been looked further into?


But it was my 90 yr old grandmother who thought her grandson was in trouble.

Apparently this has been happening a lot to elderly people. I just thought Id share this story with you so that you could warn your family members and hopefully prevent them from getting taken advantage of. 
It makes me sick that someone out there could ever do this to someone let alone someone of her age.
So I hope you take note of this public service announcement and pass on the information.

And I hope the bastard gets what's coming to him.

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Bekah Joy said...

Oh my god. Karma is a bitch and its gonna get him.

Your poor sweet Grandmother!

Natasha said...

The sameee thing happened to my grandma about a year ago! I totally forgot about the incident until now. My Grandma is pretty well off but she thought it was strange because it didn't sound like my brother so she didn't send anything. can't believe this happened to someone else as well out of state! we thought it was someone close to our family that knew my Grandma was well off and that my brother doesn't always makes the smartest choices and often asks for money. They also knew some personal things about my brother which made it even more strange. I hope they catch whoever has been doing this because that is sooooo so sad and "cray cray" hah.

Jess Judkins said...

Oh no!!!! Thats horrible! And very scary!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, unfortunately this is so common :( There are a lot of awful people who prey on the elderly and take advantage of them. My husband's grandma who is 102! Just recently moved into a nursing home, but before that she lived in a condo and a bunch of elderly people in the neighborhood were scammed. Some "teenagers" (or could have been early 20's) came around pretending to be selling things from a catalog. They required payment up front and then the items would ship like a week later (so they said). They told these people they were selling stuff to save up for a mission trip. Ugh. Makes me sick . So sorry this happened to your Grandma! The person who used her like that is a sad sad person and I hope they get caught!

Ash and Rowe said...

this JUST happened to my Grandma a couple months ago with my oldest brother!! very similar story but said my brother was in Europe. My gma is in her 80s but luckily was able to get ahold of one of us before sending any money. Crazy!! So sorry for your Grandma losing that money. :( Will she be able to get it back?

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