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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yesterday Peyton and I went to the zoo with Pam and Declan. It was a fun mom date. Also? PERFECT zoo day peope. Iv lived here my whole life and been to the zoo too many times to count and never have I even seen as many animals as I did yesterday. Every single one of them was out and about, and the best part? No people! 
So for those of you in the DC area, I highly recommend visiting the zoo in the near future especially if it's another day like yesterday.
Anywho I will post more pictures of the actual zoo trip later but for now here is a little style post with my favorite fashonista. 

Dress ~ Target
Leggings ~ Target
Shoes ~ Disney 

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Jess Judkins said...

Peyton is just adorable! I love her outfit :-)

I've lived in the DC area for over 10 years, been to the zoo twice and both times almost all the animals were inside. Also they had major construction on one day. I would totally take Judah and meet you and Peyton up some day at the zoo :-) its not to far from the metro

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