3 Little Girls

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As a mom of a girl there are certain things in life that you look forward to. Shopping for prom and wedding dresses, getting her ears pierced, mother daughter tea at the Ritz. You know all that girly fun stuff you did with your mom that made such great memories. 
Well Pey is finally getting to an age where she understands things a lot better and she has more patience (more, not a lot but more) So I decided to take her to get her fist pedicure. One of those things Iv been waiting for since her chubby little toes made their way on this earth.

she sat in between my legs so that she could reach the water and she loved every second of it.
She sat very still and was very patient while I got mine done. She even helped scrub my feet.

Pey picked out my color. I really loved it actually. And naturally she picked pink sparkles for herself.

Our mother daughter day wouldnt be complete without Starbucks a dur.

and we ended it watching Beauty and the Beast and lots n lots of couch snuggles.
It was a pretty successful day Id say.

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Love, Chelsea said...

Oh I just can't wait to do this with Lily!

Jess Judkins said...

Love that you are able to do this with your daughter :-)

Also in Vienna off of 123 near Wholefoods/starbucks/noodles ect is a place called Lovely Nails, its the best and the cheapest place I know to get your nails done. The owner Tina is amazing :-)

Beatrice said...

You are such a good mom !! That is great that you get to do those type of things :)

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