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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello friends. Let me start off by saying I am by no means a photoshop genius. That being said, I do know somewhat what Im doing and I'm here to pass what little knowledge I have onto you, my lovely readers.
Per request of the fabulous Gretchen I did a little DIY tutorial on how to create your own outfit inspiration board.

step 1:
Pick your outfit. It's best to use pictures with mostly white or solid color backgrounds. If you are using a site like modcloth where you cant really drag and drop the picture you can just take a screen shot (command+shift+4) for a crop shot or (command+shift+3) for a full screen

step 2:
open all your outfit pieces in photoshop and create a new document. I made mine 5x7.

step 3:
Drag and drop your base article of clothing to your new document

step 4:
Edit > transformations > scale
resize the image to whatever size you want it. make sure to hold shift down while doing this so that your image remains proportionate.

step 5:
Drang and drop your next outfit component. Since Im using a skirt and I want it to over lap my shirt I will place it where I want it and then resize the image until it looks proportionate to the shirt.

step 6: 
Use the magic wand tool

step 7:
click on the blank space around the image. This is why using an image with a solid background works best. The tool will select the empty area around the image. Once that area is selected hit the delete button.

notice how I still have a chunk left that it didnt select. Simply click on that area next and hit delete again

even after doing this a few times there was still some left over so I just used the eraser to clean it up

step 8:
Drag your next item and rezise

notice how the laces are white on these shoes so the magic wand tool would have deleted them so I chose not to use it in this situation

step 9:
instead what I chose to do was place the shoe where I wanted it and then I just used the eraser to clear out the white space that was overlapping the rest of the picture.

step 10:
I repeated these steps with the bracelet I chose to use

step 11:
If you want to show tights or something that you want placed behind your outfit drag and drop the image and note what layer it is. Take that payer and drag it down so that it is below the layers you want it positioned under

step 12:
continue to drag and drop your accessories

use the magic wand tool or eraser when necessary

step 13:
make a new layer
use the rectangle marque tool to create a box to the side of your outfit

step 14:
use the eye drop tool and click on a color from the outfit. That color should now be in the lower left hand of your screen as the foreground color (i know this picture has the paint bucket highlighted I have no idea why that happened)

step 15:
use the paint bucket tool to color in the rectangle

step 16:
go to your layers and click on the one you just made and hold down control and duplicate layer. Once the layer is duplicated move your new rectangle below the first one. go back to the eye dropper and pick a new color to fill that rectangle. Repeat the as many times as the colors you want to represent. Then
highlight all the duplicated layers and click control again to merge them. After they are merged you can move them left or right in a group to find the perfect location for them

step 17:
go back to the marque tool but this time chose the elliptical marque. Decide where you want your label and hold shift to make a circle.

step 18:
Color your circle and then use the text tool to crate a name for your outfit

Step 19:
use the crop tool to crop your picture to the size you want it.

And now you are done!

Any questions? Leave them here in the comment box or send me an email. I know that was a lot of steps but it's all very easy once you get the hang of it. It's basically just the same 4 steps over and over again.

I hope this helps you and if you make an outfit board let me know id LOVE to see it!

ppppsssstttt feel free to pin it!

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

haha. this is awesome. but i could never find the time to do something like that.

Gretchen said...

So awesome! I really want to create some hip maternity outfits to share :) I'll be referencing this a bunch :)

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