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Friday, July 6, 2012

last baby bump 39 weeks!

I probably say this every year but seriously... HOW IS MY KID 3!? (tomorrow)
How has it been 3 freakin years since I went in to have my little girl? (today)
and at the same time how has it only been 3 years? Parent hood is weird you guys. It's like time speeds by like Keanu Reeves on a bus and at the same time it's like what the hell was life like before I had this bundle of baby? I dont remember. Free time? I know not of what you speak.
Either way it been 3 of the most wonderful years of my life. 

This is my 'zomuhgod I was in labor 3 years ago today' post and tomorrow will be my 'zomuhgod 21 hours later and I have a perfect little chunk of a baby peanut' post followed by some of her latest and greatest quotes.

so happy labor day my bug!!! I love you like woah!

this picture is in case you forgot who really brought sexy back

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