1 So I guess Im the mom of a 3 year old?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

welp it's here. it happened. my baby turned 3. at 5:22 am to be exact. I looked at P yesterday and had to hold back tears because of the whole 'oh hey you have a 3 year old' thing happening. 
I'm excited for three though. I think it will be fun. (oh yeah ashley read this in a few months and see if it's still fun) i kid. 
Pey has always been my best friend but it's kinda like she agrees with me now as she gets older. Or it might be because I shelter her from the outside world and force her to hang out with me. Its one of the two.


She is so witty and smart like scary smart and sassy. I feel like she surpassed 3 a long time ago and has moved onto 14 and that kinda just makes me scared for when she actually is 14. She cracks my shit up. like seriously shes freaking funny. 

1st bday baby

She is stubborn as all hell and I blame her dad for that one. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. I have no doubt this kid will be successful in her future. Im picturing lawyer or CEO. She means business.

2nd bday baby

whatever she may be or wherever she may go all I know for sure is that I love this little bug more than anything in the whole world and I will be proud of her no matter what as long as she follows her heart and she is happy. So happy 3rd birthday to you little bug. May you always find joy in the simplest of things and take on the world full speed ahead. 
mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know!

the last picture taken of my itty bitty 2 year old

Im gonna wrap this post up with some recent quotes from my kiddo

while sitting in the car waiting for my friend to come out a car honked it's horn

come on people!.... dats what aunt ikki says

apparently my sister has taught her to say 'come on people get it together' when people have an inability to drive

and then most recently Nikki called to say Peyton added to that phrase

and learn how to walk!


While sitting on the couch P wiped her booger on me and I said 'ew dont wipe your boogers on me!' and she came back with 

it's not a booger it's a boogie. just a little one

oh ok that makes it better...


I was rubbing my eye

whats in your eye?
oh an eyeball?


after she got off the toilet and didn't even actually go

whew! that was hard work!


mom youre makin me nuts!


is bitch a bad word?

(she actually asks this about a lot of words. I think this is her way to say bad words with out getting trouble for it because shes simply asking if it's bad. even though she knows it is.


She was making me lunch (obviously fake lunch) and asked what I wanted. I asked for cucumber, we didnt have them, pizza, nope, bagles, nope. ok P what do we have?

ummm sausage, peanuts, sausage,and stuff like that



I wish I had a camera on this kid 100% of the day. She really needs her own show.

Alright friends Im off to smother my not so baby with 3rd birthday kisses all the day long!

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Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

We are just two months away from having a three year old in our house. I'm a little sad about it but am excited, too, because three year olds are really so much more rational than two year olds. I also love that our daughter remembers things now and can actually converse. The amount of fun to be had with a three year old is pretty much immeasurable since everything is new and exciting to them.

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