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Monday, July 16, 2012

this post is a little all over the place. Sorry bout it.

Peyton has pretty much been potty trained for two months now but I haven't really said anything about it on here. I wanted to make note of the fact because Im so freaking proud of her and when she comes back to read this when shes 20 I dont want her to think that I cared so little about such a big deal. So Pey if you are reading this right now and you are 20 mommy is so proud of you for using the potty like a big girl! You pretty much rock.
But seriously.
I know a lot of people have issues with potty training or find it stressful or even torturous but here in the  Bussard/Woolsey household potty training was maybe one of the easiest things we as parents have had to deal with thus far. And im not saying that to brag or anything its just kinda a fact. Now ask me for some advice and that I cant really give you but I can tell you how we did it and you can do with that information as you please.
We bought P a potty for christmas last year so she was about 1 1/2. We just bought it to introduce her to it with no intentions of actually making any progress right away. But as months went on and she started to really understand it more and more she made it known that she wasn't interested in anything potty related. Here is an old post about cracking down but that totally didn't happen. When your kid tell you she doesnt want to use the potty and likes to poopy in her diaper you say ok. I have read and heard too many horror stories of parents getting overly stressed and exhausted from potty training and I wasn't going to be one of those parents.

We are lucky enough to not have to put P in daycare right now so it wasn't like we were on a deadline to get her out of diapers so we decided to let life take it's course and let P decide when she was ready. For Peyton baby lead weening seems to be the way to go. She let me know she was not interested in nursing, when she was ready for solids, and even when she was ready for a big girl bed. BLW seemed to have worked well for us up to this point so why change it?
We asked her every now and then if she had to potty. Somedays we'd sit her on the potty for a few minutes at a time. Sometimes she'd go sometimes she wouldnt.

Then all of a sudden a few months ago she seemed to really take interest. She would start to poop in her  diaper and tell us she wanted to go potty ad then she would finish in the bathroom. This went on for a few weeks. We started to be able to tell when she was about to poop so wed ask her before she went and run her to the bathroom. Then all of a sudden she started to know what having to pee felt like and she would tell us that she had to pee pee and we'd run to the bathroom. Soon enough we were wearing big girl panties around the house.
Next she started to tell us she had to use the potty in public. The first time was when my aunt was visiting and we were out to eat. She said mommy I have to potty so we ran to the bathroom and she peed. Then 2 min later she said mommy I have to potty again! I thought she may be crying wolf because she seemed to like the adventure of going in a public place but I took her anyway and she POOPED! I was so proud.
After that we ditched diapers all together in the day time.
Then one night she woke up screaming 'mommy i have to potty!!!!' i ran in her room took off her diaper and sat her down and she went! And then she went right back to sleep. Night training was probably the thing I feared most and it was probably the easiest part. She took to it right away. We still sometimes wear diapers at night just in case because she has had a few accidents but she almost always wakes up to let us know she has to go. So people here we are fully potty trained and this momma didn't have to do a thing. Needless to say Im pretty freaking proud of my little potty rockstar.

Now obviously every kid is different and if there was one way to raise a kid there would be one book and we would all live in little boxes made of ticky tacky and we'd all look just the same. But there isn't one way to raise a kid and everyone is different and this non method method may not even come close to working for you but I know my kid pretty well and I know she doesnt like being told what to do so for us, having her lead the way seemed to be the natural answer. And hey it worked!

So right now im basking in the not changing poopy diaperness of my life and let me tell you people, it's pretty great.

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