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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sooooo i dont know if you know this buttttt im getting married in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!!!! ZOMG WTF and several other very loud exclamations! But seriously where did the time go? Where? All I know is a have like so much to do and not so much time to do it in. Im having issues finding someone to print off our invitations which I thought was not going to be a big deal and now it kinda is. I may never get them printed and then no one will be able to come to the wedding because they will have not gotten a formal invite that I spent many moons and Starbucks caramel macchiatos slaving on. So real life if you printed your own invites for your wedding or know someone who did please send them my way.

I often find myself laying awake in bed thinking about all the so many things that still need to be done and then im like head STOP! and then it's like but no because SO MANY.

And then I do fall asleep and continue to have nightmares about it being the wedding day and nothing is right. I think the thing I cry most about in my nightmares is that I never made my cake toppers. Because you know if im cake topperless I may as well have flown to Vegas and said I Do to a large man dressed in a white jump suit who goes by Elvis. Cake toppers = crucial at least in the mess that is my dream/nightmare wedding.

This weekend I am having a craft night with lots of my bridesmaids and friends and family. Hopefully this will get something done and eliminate lots of said nightmares. But im beginning to doubt it.

I honestly never thought Id be one of those people who freaked out about weddingess but yet here I am almost as freaked out as Samuel L and those mother f-in snakes on that mother f-in plane.

also here is a giant F U to pinterest because Im almost 10000% sure my anxiety stems right from you and your perfectly simple DIY world where everything is beautiful and unicorns poop rainbows.

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amanda said...

I printed my own invites, rsvp cards and thank you's using blank templates from Michael's. I created my own monogram using our wedding colors in photoshop and pretty much just designed the entire invite myself.

It takes a little practice and a LOT of patience (unless you're really good at this sort of thing, which I am not..) so just take deep breaths and know, that it will turn out perfect, it will just take a little time!

The best advice I can give, is to use a reputable printer! I used Kinkos for a few sample prints and they were terrible!! They tried to "help" me adjust some things and in the end, printed the wrong date and misspelled things! I quickly found a local printer and they ended up turning out fabulous (if I do say so myself..)

Weddings are stressful, so just try to relax and make it fun! SOMETHING will go wrong, it always does, but in the end, your day will be perfect!!! Good luck and if you have any specific questions, email me!

Sarah Rhodes said...

Maybe you could try a test print at Kinkos? Maybe it depends on the branch but we printed our invites at Kinkos (Josh designed them so they weren't typing them up and getting dates wrong, etc) and they turned out really well. Exactly what we had in mind.

Also girl I know what you mean about not getting your brain to turn off! OK here's some tips, you're welcome. ;)

A couple months before we got married I entered brain freak out mode too and I couldn't sleep. I fell asleep every night to episodes of The Office on DVD. They just played and if I could think about that story line I wouldn't stay up thinking about wedding details.

OR, Reading. Mindless reading. Girl I would have never read Twilight except that I just needed to read a dumb easy plot line that would make my brain calm down right before bed, or times when I just needed to relax. Lots of bubble baths and Twilight, I'm ashamed to say. But it REALLY helped. You have to distract your mind! Don't get on pinterest! Give your brain boundaries when you're going to sleep. If you start thinking late at night, just say, "Brain, I can't do anything about that now." I'm serious, it helps. Tell yourself you will only think about wedding plans from 8am to 4pm, and after that, you are off. (or something like that!)I have to do that ALL the time or I go CRAZY!!! Give yourself permission to take some hours off of planning, ok? :) xo love! - Sarah

Amanda said...

Hey Ashley! Don't stress! I can't offer much advice on printing invitations, but I can tell you that everything will work out. You are wonderfully creative and talented and I'm sure that all of your DIY wedding projects will turn out lovely. I do know what you mean about Pinterest though. I'll find a beautiful cupcake DIY that's supposed to be super easy and gorgeous and by default it always turns out like an icing slathered mess over at my house. They make everything look so effortless. Good luck with everything. It will all come together in the end!

natasha said...

Try mpix.com! They're really cheap for good quality prints.

lee schaef said...

congrats!! I know you're super busy but I love your blog and tagged you for a Liebster award! http://awednesdaychild.blogspot.com/

happy wedding prep!

Abby (Diligent Joy) said...

Pinterest is wonderful and annoying at the same time, isn't it? I will never be a DIYer type of girl (don't have the patience) so I'm basically on pinterest for pretty clothes and offensive ecards. Ha ha.

Good luck with your wedding preparation. We just finished with my sister-in-law's wedding and she was constantly stressing while I was constantly reminding her that at the end of the day, all that matters is that you're married! Congrats. Wedding planning is so fun!

Beatrice said...

I bet you cant wait!

Hey I gave you an award on my blog! http://blog.beatricekamperman.com/2012/08/viebstre-blog-award.html

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