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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well folks things have definitely stared to come together since my last post. Although if the wedding was tomorrow we would have a few issues. Luckly we have a month. A MONTH what?!?! that's still insane to me. INSANE! But again progress has been made.

This like ...

Mikey and I hit up a local vineyard to choose a wine for our ceremony

We not only finally got our invitations printed, but addressed and sent out as well! It was quite a debacle. We ended up using Kinkos like Sarah suggested and it worked wonderfully although we had several issues with printing the addresses on clear lables. Dear Avery F U and your stupid templates that do not work at all.

And then people actually got their invites! 

And craft night was a HUGE success! We got everything accomplished that we set out to do which in my opinion is pretty awesome! SO thanks times 10000 to all my fabulous helpers I couldnt have done it with out you! 

and drum roll please......

I MADE MY CAKE TOPPERS!!!! PHEW! Thats a weight off my shoulders. I almost had to book those tickets to Vegas.

So there you have it. We still have a lot to do like make some play lists and finalize the menu and little bits and pieces here and there but it's coming a long quite nicely.

Im planning another craft night a little closer to the wedding to do last min projects 

oh and my bachelorette party is coming up soon!!! My fabulous maid of honor has been planning her booty off for it and Im so excited! Im mostly super excited to see my bridesmaids from out of town that I havent seen in what feels like forever! It should be a good mess of a time!

that's all for now folks! 

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Beatrice said...

Looks like it is coming together!! Congrats :)

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