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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In the car with my mom today

Me: Guess what tomorrow is?!?!?!

Mom: Yes Ashley... it's your birthday. Everyone has one.

Me (wearing a now somber and confused look) : ohhh ok

Mom: And there's nothing special about 24 any way.

Thank you mom. Crusher of all dreams and eater of butterflies and unicorn blood.

Well la de da Im turing 24 in approximately 35 min  give or take depending on when you are reading this post. Apparently this is not a big deal and I should probably just go hide in a closet until next year when I turn 25 and maybe that will deserve some recognition MOTHER!

Either way Im still planing on painting the town colors of red tomorrow with my friends that care. Not too red because I have to save up for my bachelorette party next weekend and all but light shades, pink perhaps?

Also even though I am pretending not to speak to said mother right now I still have to love and appreciate her because with out her I wouldn't be celebrating said birthday. So thanks mom... I guess. I still love you.

to prove just how much I will post this picture of you all over the interwebz for people to see. :) 

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