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Monday, November 19, 2012

two posts in one day?! dont get used to it! 
any who... we are back from our hair cut and it went exceptionally well. P was so good and so excited and when she was done she got a little pedicure while momma took a turn under the scissors 

I just trimmed the dead ends off and cut my bangs again. Im getting so close to my mermaid hair goal that I wouldnt dare chop it off now!

And here are the pictures of my little human

she was laughing even though it looks a lot like torture

baby hair :( 

what the what?!? she's like a whole new person! 
A whole new, still extremely adorable, less mullety, little person!

First hair cut: Success!

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Beatrice said...

cute!! I LOVE your hair :) and Peyton's hair is adorable!!

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