3 Wedding Photos Part 1 : Getting Ready

Monday, December 3, 2012

Don don da!!! Here they are folks part 1 of our wedding photos!!!!! Sarah and Josh did an amazing job getting these to us in a timely fashion. Think about it, they went from DC to North Carolina to Tennessee to shoot three weddings in three weekends and I dont think they even got back home until a month after our wedding and yet a little over 2 months later and here they are! (run on sentence?) I however havent been so efficient at posting them. Oops! Thats not to say I havent looked at them 10298383 times since getting them! I feel so lucky to have had Sarah and Josh be a part of our wedding, they are amazing photographers and even more amazing people. 

So part one is our getting ready pictures. Sarah and Josh stayed at our hotel and Sarah came down around 11:30 to start taking pictures of us getting our beauty on.
My sisters sister in law (Ill claim her as my own though) was kind enough to do hair and makeup for me and several of the girls. I also had my really good friend Leigh come to help out and one of my bridesmaids Pam did a few of the girls hair too. They all did an amazing job!
My Pey was super sick on the actual wedding day which was a major bummer but she tried her hardest to be as happy and excited as she could be bless her little heart.

Ok enough rambling here comes part 1!

the bridesmaid gifts included : scarves I picked out to fit each girls personality // these mugs from Antho // tea bags // soap // candles // bertie botts every flavor beans // and a chalkboard heart with their name

I realized at the venue that I didnt have a something blue so Pam searched around and all she could find was a blue pen. She drew a blue heart on my wrist and it ended up being one of my favorite parts of my attire!

Stay tuned Ill hopefully ave part 2 up tomorrow! 

photograph by Arrow and Apple

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Beatrice said...

I can't wait for part 2... So far the pictures look Amazing!!

sharon cullen said...

Sometimes in hurry we forget to add names of special guests in list and regret for that after wedding takes place. Remember presence of your loving ones will really make your day.
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Isabelle Galindo said...

Ah... The tradition of something new-something old-something blue-something borrowed. I would say your friend is a genius to have thought of borrowing a blue pen and drawing a blue heart on your wrist. I'm just glad the ink didn't leave a stain on your gown. =) I like how some of the photos are so vibrant and the black and white photos are so pure, by the way!

Isabelle Galindo

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