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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating dad! Yes I said weekend. Somehow it's always Mother's Day and Father's Day weekend. Not sure how that works out but I'm planning to eventually extend my Mother's Day as soon as I find out how they do it.  


We went to Delaware Saturday morning to spend Father's Day with Mikey's family. It's been a while since we have been able to get up there and it was the absolute perfect beach weekend. 

Saturday we went to Rehoboth ave. and hit up Funland. Pretty much your typical boardwalk amusement park. Peyton had a blast and Mikey's sister and husband met us there with their two boys. There is this jungle gym thing and I have to be honest I thought maybe P would be scared to get too tired to go through it but she climbed that thing like a champ. Then she did it again and again. And again. 

Then we went to Mikey's parents house and hung out by the fire, roasted marshmallows and caught up for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning Mikey P and I got some lunch on the avenue at this new cafe. The shared French toast w banana rum sauce and I got crabs eggs Benedict. Yumm. 

After breakfast we went over to see the model home of my parents new townhouse (yes they are moving. No I'm not ok with it. This topic will be left for a later time and date) 

The model house has a pink room filled with candy land and a tea set. Pillow pets and sea shells. Needless to say Peyton didn't want to leave. And if my parents don't decorate the spare room exactly like that heads might roll. 

After that we finally got to the beach. It was sunny and windy and perfect. The water was cold but the kids had a blast. Especially Peyton. She wasn't afraid of the water at all (which was terrifying at times) but she was brave and knew how far was too far and I was proud of her independence. 

 And then we obviously had to get ice cream, fries, and pizza. Because we're at the beach. Duh. 

We spent a little more time with Mikey's family's and then we headed home. 

This mini trip made me excited for the week were spending there in a few weeks. Bring on the beach. And the foodz. All the food. 

Also I guess this is the part where I say I'm lucky to have such an amazing dad for Peyton  and husband. And my own dad is pretty awesome too. I'm very lucky to have had such strong male figures in my life and I'm happy that Peyton has them as well. I hope all the rest of the awesome dad and dad figures out there were celebrated in style. Thanks for rocking everyday! 

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