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Thursday, June 13, 2013

This past weekend we celebrated my moms 60th birthday (I mean 35. Yeah 35... that sounds right) It was a surprise party and it was a total success. You would have never known that my dad was almost murdered in the process. By me.

My dad recruited my sister and I to help him plan this thing a few months ago. From the point of the very first discussion until the day we sent out the invitations he would call me and say 'lets forget it. It's just too much. We have too many parties going on. Moms doing too many weddings.' blah blah blah blah blah. DAD we already sent the invitations It.is.happening.

If you don't know my dad let me tell you, in a situation like this you just have to take the reigns and say this is whats going to happen. this is your job. I will do the rest. He will still worry. He will still ask a million questions about your progress. You will continue to tell him that you have it under control. This will go on up until the very last second. Right before we jump out and say 'SURPRISEEEEE!!!!!!' and then he will relax and have a beer and say 'see I told you everything would work out' In which case you take a deep breath, tell him how great of a job he did and move on with life because after two months of this it is finally over and every one is happy, most importantly dad.

I love you dad and with out your constant pestering attention to detail, this party would have never been pulled off!

The front of the invites

Im going to do a little DIY on these food tags soon. As if they are really that hard. 

We framed the character I made of my mom on the invitation and everyone signed it

We had two specialty cocktails. A cucumber mint cooler and a smashed raspberry lemonade 

A hand clap for our FABULOUS Momma G for getting my mom out of the house. She somehow convinced her to go to the Fairfax festival with her. My mom HATES festivals like that. She was pretty annoyed so it kind of made it all the better. Then when we needed her to buy more time she took my mom to toys r us to buy water guns...ha! She was so pissed. Thats great! 

The kids had fun with them though!

after a long day two months I came home and drank all the coffeez 

Side note* I didnt get any good pictures of my mom being surprised but I think my dad did so I will have to borrow them and post later.

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