0 Lets not talk about that right now ... ok?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Last night I came home from work. It was late and I had envisioned washing my face, putting jammies on, maybe playing a round or two of candy crush (damn you level 70!!!), you know take some late night mom time while the kiddo and hub slept. Instead I came in and Mikey and P were in the bathroom and Peyton was in the tub. Poor thing threw up all over herself. So there I was cleaning up barf chunks, brushing them out of her hair, and doing a late night load of laundry.

Hashtag momlyfe.

We then cuddled up on the couch and watched some toons, had another round of barf (in a trash can thank the lords) and then after one more episode (of vomit not toons) we all passed out together. This morning when we woke up I asked Peyton how she was feeling and she looked at me and said 'lets not talk about that right now, ok?' MMk. And that was that. Now shes all normal and stuff like the throwingupness never happened.

Kids are weird.

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