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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We moved into our new apartment April 1st. It was exciting and stressful all at the same time. There were lots of tears shed, mostly mine. Ok all mine. But we did it. Our little family lived together alone once before while I was in school at West Virginia but this was like our first real place together. 5 days after moving in Mikey and I left for our honey moon in St. Thomas. It was a very much needed vacation especially after the move from hell, but it also meant that we would be coming home from paradise to a cockroach infested, unpacked, home. Yes I said cockroach. Apparently the people who lived here before us didnt know the meaning of clean. And apparently the rental agency doesnt think it necessary to abide by the contact, you know the one that says all pests must be taken care of PRIOR to tenants moving in. Yeah. But here we are 2 months later and we are *mostly* roach free and almost settled in. We hope to be here for at least two years so Im excited to actually take them time to decorate this place like I really want to. Our apartment is big, it's in a great location (and only two streets down from my sisters!!!) we have a pool (which we have been to almost daily since it opened) a play ground, and the best part? So many kids! The family that lives below us has 4 kiddos and after weeks of Peyton looking on them playing from our balcony yelling 'hey fwends!!) Mikey and I decided to let her go down and play with them. We went with her the first few times, met the parents, got to know he kids, and now she ventures down there on her own and we keep watch from our balcony. It's pretty great. It gives her some independence, gives us some kid free time, and she's so happy. She loves it here. Which is all that really matters. 

moving blows... as if you didnt already know that

also since being here Peyton has been sleeping so.much.better. like waking up at 10 is not a rarity

she's an independent swimmer.

unpacking our wedding things was one of the most exciting parts of the move!

Iv been slowly adding my own touches and doing DIYs that iv been day dreaming about for years. 

Peyton's room is HUGE and it fits all of her toys. awesome. 

we've even had friends over for dinner quite a bit so far! I love using all of our wedding gifts. and I love hostessing.

I think we are all significantly happier here and I hope it only keeps getting better!

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

awesome!! looks like fun!! and by the pictures id never guess roaches! you decorated it soo cute (of course. thats no surprise!) which apartments are these/Where are they? (if i can even remember... if i went back to NoVA i would probably get lost. how sad!) oh and im jealous of hte pool and playground for sure.

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