0 1 cm down 9 to go!

Monday, June 15, 2009

So I went to the dr. today and last week I wasn't dilated at all and then I went again this afternoon and I am officially 1cm ... now only 9 more to go! UGGH I wish she would hurry up and come already because I am in so much pain! My apt. with the heymotolgyst or however you spell that ... is next wed. and hopefully my platelets have not gone down any because I NEED that epidural I just know it. Other than that the my baby shower is on Saturday and i'm super excited!!! I LOVE presents... Mikey keeps telling me they aren't for me but they kinda are.. and I get to open them so it's all the same. I Don;t go back to the dr. until next Thursday so I will up date about the baby shower and Peyton then. And I will put up a belly update when I get around to it! Thats all for now!
<3 ashley mikey and peyton

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