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Friday, June 26, 2009

So I went to the dr. again yesterday and Im still only 1 cm ... blah.... i keep saying that shes never gonna come and everyone keeps saying that she will when she is ready but what about me... Im ready! Doesn't that count for anything!?!? I geuss not... and there is still 2 weeks till her due date but im just gettig sooo antsy I just want her to be here and get it over with! Also I went to the hemotologyst on wednesday and my platletts are down to 112 .. hopefully they wont go any lower before she comes but i have to go back oce a week until she gets here so they can monitor me... seems kinda pointless to me but whatever... oh also she has moved down 1cm in my belly and the dr. said that was good shes getting closer to departure! haha... anyway My baby shower was last weekend and for tons of you that made it thank you I had an awesome time and for those that couldn't I wish you were there! I got my travel system thanks to the Griffins!! and I cant wait to take Peyton on a walk... I also got a TON of clothes sooo cute I cant wait to dress her.. I keep telling her about all her new clothes and that she cant wear them until she comes out but I guess she doesn't really care. I feel like I got so much at my baby shower and I still need so much more... who knew you needed so much to take care of such a little person. Mikeys parents and Lindsey are throwing me another baby shower after Peyton comes so that eveyone can meet her in his family so hopefully I'll get some more there and then I will have to buy the rest myself oy vey! Ok well thats all my exciting news for now.. hopefully Peyton will come soon and then I'll have an interesting post to write but until then thats as good as it gets!
<3 ashley mikey and peyton

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