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Thursday, July 2, 2009

So as many of you already know...( if anyone actually reads this except for kris) I'm getting induced Monday morning!... Mikey and I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and I'm still only 1cm but Peyton is at -2 (whatever that means)and shes pretty much been in position for a month now. The Dr. said she looks very healthy and that there is no reason to keep her n there any longer and that If I was ready that we could induce and I said YES PLEASE! She asked me when and I said ASAP so there was an appointment Wednesday at 8am and I got so excited but the Dr. who delivers wed. was out of town and then I was bummed. So now we have to wait until Monday but I guess its worth it! Maybe she will come sooner like on the 4th! The Dr. also said that she is a good size baby not too big which was a relief for me because I really thought id be pushing out a 12 pounder... I don't know exactly how big is not too big but we will see. Also my platelett count went from 112 to 139 in one week which is very good news, thats another reason my dr. said it would be good to deliver because they are up right now. So right now I'm just getiing the room ready for Peytons arrival cleaning and putting stuff together. I will probably post one more belly picture before I go to get induced but then no more belly!!! THen I will just have picture of my little girl to post! So This will probably be my last post until Peyton comes!!! OH BOY!

<3 ashley mikey and peyton

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