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Monday, July 13, 2009

So i realize that she will be a week old tomorrow and I have yet to post anything about her but like I told Kris I've been kinda busy being a mom and all. So here is the story of her birth

We woke up Monday morning and got to the hospital at 8. I checked in and got my room right away. I must say I was pretty impressed with how fast it all went. But that was bout the only thing that went fast. So then they hooked me up to the baby heart monitor and contraction monitor and put my IV in and started me on Pitocin right away to get the labor going. It was pretty boring for the first few hours but luckly Nikki and Mikey were there to keep me company and my mom and dad were in and out too. I finally started to get some contractions which, let me just say, are not a pleasant thing. My contractions got pretty bad after a few hours. And the pitocin just intensified them. I got an epidural around 12. Mikey's family came in the afternoon and hung out for a while but left to check into a hotel for some sleep after my Dr. came in and let everyone know that there would probably be no pushing until late monday or early tuesday morning.
Finally after 19 hours my nurse came in and checked me and I was ready to start pushing so she went to go get my Dr. But of course she was in the operating room doing a C-section so I had to wait about 2 more hours for her to get there. My nurse actually said to me 'if you feel like you HAVE to push then dont hold her in. I can deliver her but I really really dont want to. Oh that's comforting.
So FINALLY at 5 am my dr. arrived ad  I started to push. Thankfully I only pushed for 22 min. 22 or the longest, hardest minutes of my life. I have no idea how people do it for hours! Pushing take a lot out of you... there is a reason they call it labor. But after those 22 min. we had a beautiful baby girl!
Right when she came out they placed her on me and I held that little perfect munchkin in the happiest moment of my life. They took her away to clean her off (they do everything right in the room with you so she didnt go far) and they assesed her . Her APGR was a little low and her breathing was much faster then they would have liked. When she came out she took a deep breath and swallowed a lot of fluid and meconim. After they cleaned her up I was only able to hold her for about 3 min. before they decided to take her to the NICU. Mikey still hadnt held her at this point.
After I was done being stitched up and all that good stuff I moved rooms and was able to go see her. It was so sad seeing my baby girl under oxygen and attached to all those wires. But she did so well in there and was off the oxygen tuesday night and breathing on her own and her daddy got to hold her. By wednesday night they were able to take her IV out and we started to feed her a little bit at a time. So after what seemed like the longest 3 days ever Mikey and I were able to take her home with us on thursday. So that is the story of baby Peyton's birth!

Now we are home and she is doing well. We had to go to the ER yesterday because her formula was making her sick but now my breast milk is in and we don't need to use formula anymore and she is just fine. All the pictures are on facebook and I'm gonna keep them coming because she is just too cute! but here is my favorite one so far.

Thank you everyone who came to visit us in the hospital and thank you for all your support and love! I will keep you posted on all of the exciting things that Peyton does!

<3 Ashley, Mikey and Peyton

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