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Saturday, July 25, 2009

So I can't believe that Peyton will be three weeks old on Tuesday! She is getting so old!! She is so strong and when I lay her down at the bottom of my belly she can push herself all the way up to my head! And she has quite the grip... my dad and I already decided that she is going to be a gymnast and I think that bars are going to be her thing because of her strong grip. She mostly sleeps a lot during the day and likes to wake up as soon as Im ready for bed. I have not been sleeping too much these past two weeks but hopefully it will get better.
We went to Delaware this past weekend to see Mikey's family and they threw me a baby shower. It was a really good time and Peyton was a very good girl the whole trip. She LOVES the car and sleeps the whole time... unless she poops or gets hungry but that only happened on the way down.
We went to the Dr. on Thursday and she weighs a whopping 9.7 lbs! oh my goodness and she is now 22 1/4 in long so she has grown an inch and a quarter. She still only fits into new born clothes which is good because I don't want my baby to get too big too fast! I think that that is all the news for now!
<3 Mikey, Ashley, and Peyton

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