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Thursday, February 3, 2011

So i did a few onesies the other day. Two are for my nephew (so I hope Nikki isnt reading this!) and the other one is just a prototype. They are far from perfect thus a work in progress but here they are!

I'm going to sell them in sets of 2 and put them in personalized gift boxes

I also bought fabric to make dresses once my onsesies get here This is my favorite print

I cant wait to see it once its a dress!!!!
So i feel im off to a good start and cant wait to get all my supplies inso I can really get to work!!

*Hi Alston ;)

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

oh my goodness! i didnt know you could sew! i want to learn someday but im not sure if i have the patience to learn. Those look adorable! i love elephants on little kids (D is even wearing her little elephant onsie today) and i LOVE that onsie you made! lookin good! can't wait tosee that dress!

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