1 On Call

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once a month for Mikeys new job he is on call for a week. Tuesday to Tuesday and his week starts today. I didnt really explain it before but he pretty much does stuff on the highway so there is ALWAYS something to do.
Any who he got off at 5 today like usual and at 6:30 got his first on call call to come back in... I can see this week is already getting off on the wrong foot. Not even 2 hours at home before he had to go back out. I guess its good because he gets paid extra but I have a feeling its gonna be a  long and lonely week here

I foresee a lot of blog stalking in my future after P hits the hay

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Mrsuglesich said...

How cute! And blog stalking is what I do once I put my boy to bed too!

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