3 Trendy Tuesday 4.19.2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Trendy Tuesday here... this one took a lot of motivating.

Its rainy out again and I really wanted to stay in my pjs all day but for the sake of blogging I changed.

Nothin too fancy so dont get your panties in a bunch (what does that even mean anyway?)

Shirt~ H&M

Cardi~ Target

Jeans~ Nordstrom

Belt~ IDK

Shoes~ Off Broadway (another reason I wanted to get dressed today was so I could rock my new shoes!

Earrings~ Etsy  (my cousins site she is fabulously fabulous go check her out!)

So far today I did P90X with Kris. Then after I forced myself to dress I decided to take P to Pietanza for lunch since she was singing about pizza all morning. Also because Kris works there and gave me a $10 coupon so we paid her a visit.

Best server ever!

Check out that fancy crayon box 

Yummy in my tummy! Thanks Kris!!

Now Im cuddling on the couch with my babe and enjoying being lazy and snuggly on this rainy day!

Happy Tuesday all!

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

i can finally say, you have rain and we have sunshine! about time the tables turn! although im pretty sure its probably warmer there than here. And im not a big fan of pizza, but that pizza looks delish.

also i am in love iwth your shoes. they are simply amazing.

Deanna said...

what if i don't wear panties? huh? then what?

The Peanut Gallery said...

Jess- yeah its pretty warm here just not sunny I wish it would stay sunny for like a whole week that would be amazing! And there pizza is really good but I usually get their sandwiches

Deanna~ bahah well then we have quite the predicament don't we?

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