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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just wondering how you all feel about this particular topic. Do you do it?
I would say that 80% of the time P sleeps in her own bed but there is 20% that she cozies on up to us.
When she was a newbie she slept in a bassinet in our room till she was 3 months old. Sometimes during late night feedings it was just easier to plop her in bed with me. She started sleeping through the night pretty early so it wasn't too common.
She sleeps really well in her crib for the most part but if she's sick she prefers to sleep with us. Its actually a pain to get her back in the swing of things after sleeping with us for a week while she gets better but for the most part she transitions back and fourth easily.
Lately she has been waking up at like 5-6 and I stick her in bed with us and she sleeps till 7-8 today she slept till 930!
She is an uber affectionate person by nature so it doesnt surprise me that she sleeps better snuggled up to us. she loves the comfort. Mikey and I  however tend to sleep better with out squirmzilla mashed between us.
Although Id rather lay in bed uncomfortably for an extra 2 hours than be awoken at 5 am and have to entertain a fully energetic toddler.

As mentioned before she did NOT nap today even though I could tell she was exhausted. So bedtime should have been a breeze. She initially went down ok but about an hour later she woke up screaming and having a coughing attack. I moved her in with me and 2 almost 3 hours latter she FINALLY just fell asleep.

PS just risked it all for the sake of that picture.. the things I do for blogging! 

I guess I have mixed feelings on the subject. Id obviously rather her sleep in her crib but I dont oppose her late nigh/early morning snuggles. Sometimes I rather enjoy it. Anyone have any input? Do you or don't you?

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AmyLee said...

we never co-slept. parker slept in a bassinet at the foot of our bed until 5 months, then just went right in his crib. but whenever i would try to get him to sleep with us (either for snuggling sake or just for me trying to sleep longer) he always seemed distracted by the fact that we were there. now that he's 12 months, it's really really nice having him be an awesome sleeper in his own room & we get the bed to ourselves ;)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

we've never co-slept. i don't see anything wrong with it, i just like having mt own bed. after a day full of cuddles and being pulled in a million directions, it's nice to have a sanctuary of my own. :)

Kim said...

I've coslept with all 3 of my kids. I discovered very early that nursing and side laying allowed the baby and I to sleep better. Also made it easier because I had had c-sections. Getting up in the middle of night would've been a nightmare while I was healing. We eventually had to move from a queen bed to a king so my husband wouldn't be stuck on the edge of the bed. Once each baby became bed hogs, they were kicked out of the family bed lol. My boys transitioned from the family bed to a twin size bed at two with ease. LL goes to sleep in her crib but wakes up in the middle of the night and she spends the rest of the night in our bed.

My parents co-slept, their parents, their parent's parents, so it's not such a taboo subject for my side of the family. My husband's family though were not happy with us co-sleeping, oh effing well. : )

Corri Beth said...

I guess we are somewhere in the middle. We don't have our kids in our bed all the time. All of them slept in a cradle in our room right next to our bed until they were about 6 months old. It just made nursing so much easier. I could just put them in the bed with me and go back to sleep while they nursed. This worked pretty well, esp. with my boys, who started sleeping through the night pretty early. Enter daughter, who is currently 8 months old and still not sleeping through the night. But she has all of a sudden decided she doesn't want to follow suit anymore, so I have to get up and feed her and put her back in her bed (which is good bc she is a squirmer and this means she's not wallowing all over our bed, but bad bc she has spells sometimes where she will wake up 4 or 5 times a night and those nights I get NO sleep.) I think it is just a "to each her own" subject. :)

The Peanut Gallery said...

I feel co sleeping is a lot easier when you are nursing because you can feed and sleep at the same time. let me tell you all last night did not go as planned... thanks for the input!

Jessie said...

im kinda with you. 80-20... she's slept in her crib from day one. (joys of a small apt) and she did awesome. The only times she sleeps with us is when she's sick and has a bad cough and i have to keep her on her side. But she usually can go back to her bed pretty easily. There were two nights this week where she slept in her crib for 4-5 hours and then had bad dreams i think (woke up screaming!) and so i just put her in our bed, i was going to move her but fell asleep myself.

i was never able to sleep with her when she was an infant though. I would always wake up if she moved/breathed or i was afraid of waking her up... os i always got out of bed to nurse... I dontk now. i find it easier for them to learn to sleep on their own.

bethxlove said...

We never co-slept at all. Okay, maybe once or twice when I fell asleep BF-ing! :P But Daniel Kyle's always been a super sleeper, and I was always really worried about the dangers of co-sleeping (Daniel's Dad is a really heavy sleeper!)

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

She Said... said...

Chloe has been sleeping through the night in her own room since she was 2 1/2 months old. However, there are those nights when she wakes up for no apparent reason and can't get back to sleep. In those instances, we just plop her into our bed in the middle of us and she passes right out. Then, if we are able to stay awake for the next 20 minutes, we wait for her to get into a deep sleep, then sneak her back into her own crib.

In the mornings, sometimes she wakes up around 6:30, wide awake. We don't officially wake up until 7:15. So If it is that kind of morning, I will just have her come snuggle with us in our bed until it is time for us to get up and get ready, then she falls asleep and I just leave her in our bed.

Although, if I were sick and a baby, I would want to sleep with my momma too. :)

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