3 Trendy Tuesday 5.10.2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Cardi~ Old Navy

Shirt~ Azura

Cami~ Nordstrom

Shorts~ H&M

Belt~ Express (finally read the tag)

Necklace~ Costa Rica

Shoes~ Nordstrom


Shirt~ Babies R Us

Shorts~ Babies R Us

Shoes~ mommies old shoes

Bow~ Anna Kates Closet

Why hello friends. Today was a pretty good day.
P and I went out to lunch with Katie. We had Elevation Burger YUMMM. I got P a new swim suit from Anna Kates Closet that I'm IN LOVE with.
hen we went over to Katie's house to visit with her momma and sister and puppy.  Katie got out some Barbies for P.
We got home and went on a long like 45-hr walk with Kris because miss P didn't want to nap and then we did some gymnastics on the matt.

Peyton hasnt been cooperative with P90X these past two days but I have been keeping up with exercise. Yesterday I ran outside for the first time in liiiikkkeee over a year. I only ran about a mile but I didn't walk once and there was a lot of hillage so Im happy with myself.

So here are some pictures from the past few days and today

It's full on spring and almost summer here and I love it! 

 I made homemade salsa a few days ago and I'm adding it to everything yummm

 Dinner last night chicken salad sammie mushrooms and salsa all from scratch 

Elevation Burger in a lettuce wrap yumo 

That's one hot hair do 

New suit.. adorable? yes

Peyton in the swim suit even more adorable? yes 

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!!!

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cb said...

wow if that is you garden you are one lucky girl! so beautiful! reminds me of the secret garden :)


The Peanut Gallery said...

its technically my parents but Ill claim it as mine! I love this yard more than anything in the springtime!

Jessie said...

um can i just say i kinda storta hate (ok, just jealous) of the fact that you posted pictures of Elevation BurgeR? UGH! i LOOOVE it there!! i havent had it since .. after senior year of HS? i dated a guy who workes/worked there so always went. YUM!
ps. that swimsuit is too cute on her!

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