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Monday, May 9, 2011

Remember this post? Yeah well that didn't happen.

We went in to meet the coaches a few weeks ago for an interview. It was weird to say the least. They weren't clear as to what position they were hiring for and they seemed to have a different outlook than the athletic director. Anyway we got emails today saying they had two positions open one varsity one JV. They never mentioned this in either of our interviews or many email conversations. They offered the positions and needless to say I wrote back saying thanks but no thanks. I went in this with the intentions of coaching with Jessy AND Kris and wasn't about to do it with out them. Especially since I wouldn't even be coaching competition. It just sucks all around because we were really looking forward to this and it sucks for them because they needed the help. Oh well now I'm on a mission to find another school in the area and see if they are hiring.


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AmyLee said...

is that YOU? you were a cute cheerleader!! :) sorry it all didn't turn out as you'd hoped :(

The Peanut Gallery said...

haha yeah that's me circa 2004 or something along those lines. Thanks! It's ok Ill just coach at another school and beat them! (sore loser much?)

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