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Friday, May 13, 2011

It's about darn time....
So blogger was down for what like 24 hours if that and I feel like it was 10 years... my life = sad.
I'm happy my last post didnt disapparate (Harry Potter anyone?) I heard that happened to some people... hmm no good

Anywho I felt like I wanted to blog a million times yesterday but couldnt for obvious reasons so I'm just gonna try to cram it all into one random post if I can even remember what I wanted to blog about in the first place.

First and foremost I'm pretty sure i have the only 22 month old that like to insists on wearing a hat
We bought this the other day to match her new swim suit and I can't keep it off her. Guess I need to go out and buy some more hats.

She thinks she's and ostrich and if she buries her head in the couch that I can't see her.

Yesterday we went to Target for diapers and baby soap and spent 100$ per the usu

I got myself a dress and P got some new kicks

I had a hard time picking a dress but thanks to my Twitter and Instagram loves I settled with #2 in pink!

Then we went to go visit my itty bitty perfect nephew

He slept the whole time and was a perfect angel. I fully dont believe my sister who claims he cries. LIES.

In other news

P didnt nap once this week until today. (now I jinxed myself) Poor thing has been coughing up a storm and is so exhausted. Hopefully she gets a good one in today. 

hmmm I think that is all I can think of blogging about right now. Happy that blogger is up and running but anyone else having issue uploading pictures? FAIL.

Happy Friday everyone!!!! (is it really already Friday?)

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