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Monday, May 16, 2011

Peyton may be her daddy's twin in the looks department but her and I are the same person. Our biggest similarity?


Not even kidding you Peyton's first real word besides mama and dada was 'shoes'. Girls loves them. She can walk in high heels better than I can. And I'm talkin high high heels like 4 + inches.
When we walk into a shoe store she is in heaven.
She makes me put on 9 different pairs of shoes on her though out the day.
She just loves shoes.

Today my mom P and I went to REI to get my brother a tent for his birthday present this Thursday. We went to the shoe department and P got to try on a bunch of shoes. She was thrilled. We ended up getting her two new pairs. She was so excited and kept saying 'oh shoes so pretty tank you tank you!' She wouldn't take them off for us to buy them she just kept them on and walked right out of the store in them. When I got home I had to switch back and fourth between the two pairs like 5 times.

Her uncle is going to be so pumped and proud of her. She's all ready for a summer of hiking!

PS here are some of the pillow cases I bought today and another dress I made. I still need to add some final touches but Im loving this whole pillow case thing!

Lastly did I mention 100 FOLLOWERS!!! woot woot!!! yay!!! party!!! noise makes!!! Giveaway in progress!!! seriously love you guys!!!

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