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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I don't really have anything to write about but yet I feel like I should blog about something. I don't know why I feel this way because in all honesty I don't even know how many people actually read this blog or if anyone depends on it for a daily boost of fun. But in the case that there is one or maybe two people out there that do wonder over here looking for a little pick me up here I am blogging away about nothingness.

I guess I could do an about me post because it is after all my blog and if you are reading it you may want to know more about me so there voila just like that I'm blogging. Here are some random facts you may or may not already know about yours truly.

My middle name is Marie. My sister named me and while I don't hate my name it's much too common for me. I hope Peyton doesn't end up being one of 10 other Peyton's in her class.

My favorite color is green. Specifically baby poop green or olive, take your pick.

I LOVE sharks, big sharks, small sharks, all sharks. My favorites are great whites and I plan on cage diving with them in South Africa for out honey moon.

I HATE worms

I can hold my pee for a really long time... I think it's increased even after having a baby... it's probably not good but does come in handy on long road trips. (BTW holding it right now, tmi?)

I hate doing laundry have you seen my room?

I'm the worlds most sarcastic person. It's probably because I don't care for confrontation so sarcasm seems fitting. The annoying thing about this is it doesn't always translate well via interwebz so If you can't decide if I'm being sarcastic or a bitch 99% of the time it's sarcasm unless I really don't like you.

My favorite tv series of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I own every season and have seen them all countless times. 

My favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter. I have read them all over and over again and they always with out fail make me smile (and cry) 

I believe in things like vampires and wizards and the loch ness monster and hope to run across them all one day 

I hate running.

I have 4 tattoos and I already know what I want my next two to be.

I always hated smart phones and was perfectly content with my low tech do dad. I got an iPhone and I don;t think I could ever go back... I hate admitting that.

I judge books (and people) by their cover. I'm usually wrong.

I hate admitting I'm wrong.

I hate losing.

In the past I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, marine biologist, chef, fashion designer, teacher, princess just to name a few. 

Im afraid of the dark.

I think I'm going to die scary movie style so I always check behind the shower curtains before I pee.

If I'm home alone I plan escape routes just in case a murderer breaks in

I may be the worlds worst speller. I get it from my dad.

Im beyond exhausted in this very moment in time.

SO there you have it 20 or so random facts about me ... maybe I'll make this a regular thing I feel like I could go on forever but somehow I doubt you people really care so I shall save it for another time. Off to bed YAY! happy Wednesday! 

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angela said...

Fyi....I do read them everyday. They are very interesting and I feel like I'm getting to know you from a distance. Keep up the good work :)

Michele said...

I enjoy reading your blog so keep it going even when you don't have much to write. BTW, I may be able to hold my pee longer than you - just ask my girls. They hate that about me when we go on long road trips. LOL Thanks Ashley

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i read everyday, too! :)

Corri Beth said...

lol, I loved when you said you make plans for if someone breaks in. I do that all the time, constantly changing it depending on where everyone is in the house at any given time. ;)
(and I always read your blog, too!)

She Said... said...

I smell what your steppin in.

haha. I love these two specifically "I think I'm going to die scary movie style so I always check behind the shower curtains before I pee. & If I'm home alone I plan escape routes just in case a murderer breaks in" I DO THE SAME THING!

The Peanut Gallery said...

<3 thanks guys!!!! I knew I was writing this for a reason!

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