3 And Then We Never Had to Leave the House Again....

Friday, June 3, 2011

First let me say HI I'm still alive. My internet was being non existent for like 3 days. No bueno. But I finally caved and called Verizon today (I avoid calling people at all costs dreading the 30 min I will spend pushing buttons and saying ENGLISH loud and slow) and they fixed it. ::Happy Dance:: now back to the ol' bloggin board.

I wanted to post this a while ago when this little event went down. Remember that? Ok well this is what I was going to post.

I was at the grocery store that day when I looked across the street and realized that the BlockBuster was now a pet store. When did that happen? There used to be a Hollywood Video across the street and that closed a while ago. There was another Hollywood Video a few miles away that closed right after that. Now if I wanted to go out to rent a movie I honestly don't know how far Id have to go or where the closest rental place is or even if there are anymore in existence. It makes me really sad.

I know I could get Netflix and put it on my cue and wait a few days for my movie to get here when I really just wanted to watch it in that moment. I know I could watch a new release on demand. But what if I just wanted to go browse the movie store?

What if I was in the mood to watch a really great old school comedy? Or a classic tear jerking romance? I have instant Netflix and unless Im craving to see Jaws 15 there isn't much of a selection.

My friend Kristen and I adore independent films. We used to go to the store and walk around for literally hours reading the backs of movies till be ran across one that tickled our fancy. Now I have to sit on my couch and search through Netflix or BlockBuster.com if I want to do this? Then I have to wait around for it to be shipped to me?

I don't know maybe I'm being over dramatic but it really breaks my heart that everything must be virtual now. Like here I am writing an open book of my life online for the world to see instead of in a private diary that I keep locked and hidden in my underwear drawer. Am I alone on this?


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Sarbear said...

I get where you're coming from and find myself so back and forth with this.Even with the video thing. I would go now and then and enjoy that experience, but still ended up watching more online or on netflix. I guess it's really just the customer demand not being there. I do worry with more and more things becoming virtual though because of the disconnect and anti-social behavior it at times causes. You really DON'T have to leave your house for just about anything anymore.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

.... see. i on the other hand don't care for the blockbusters or hollywood videos. we have netflix and we do redbox all the time. We sometimes have to wait awhile but still being in school we can't afford the 4 bucks for 3 nights type of deals. Back in Rexburg though they had a store called Horkleys (they sold 44 oz sodas for 50 cents and new rentals for $1 a night, disney movies were free, and old rentals were 50 cents. it was AWESOME). now we just wait for netflix or look at redbox... but i can see how if you want some indie films or older movies its a bust. they just closed 2 blockbusters here. the only place left is an old house that has a ton of movies just like blockbuster...

but you're right, everything is all digital these days. But hey, im still in older times. i have yet to have texting on my phone or have any fancy dancy things on it! just minutes and thats it haha.

She Said... said...

I totally get you!
although, I am not gonna lie, with a baby right now convienence of having Netflix is pretty amazing. I usually can find pretty good movies to watch instantly. And since we don't have cable, we watch tv shows we have missed and want to get caught up on on Netflix too.
but I totally see your point.

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