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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I got my new dress from ModCloth today and I LOVE it!!!!

Quick Review

What I Adore:

The Pattern

The Femininity 

The fact that I got an e-mail yesterday saying it was shipped out and then it was waiting on my door step to greet me today! (standard shipping people!)

The back = selling point. I'm a sucker for intricate backs

Free headband?! Yes please! 

The faux bow top presh

The fact this it goes fabulously with these Steve Madden shoes!

Things I could do with out:

I got it in a medium and it fits great around my waits but my gigantic boobs have an issue. It poofs out on the side. I don't know if it's because of my boobs or what but I'm just gonna take it to a taylor and get it fixed. I could try going a size up but I'm planning on losing more weight so id rather just taylor it. 

also there is a broken stitch in the under boob seam which bums me out but I will just get that fixed when I get it taken in. 

I'm seriously so happy with my dress and the service and I can't wait to order more dresses for summer! 

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5 Leave Some Love:

Mama Bear said...

I love the back! I've been looking for a summer dress like that.

Sarbear said...

Very very cute! I'm always drooling over their dresses, so it's great to know they have such awesome service.

Joy said...

love it and it looks so freaking good on you! so sexy!

Heidi Jo said...

Great dress! The back is adorable! So fun!

She Said... said...

i really like the fun detailed back!

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